A bespoke floral designer gift experience...?
Let's gift some really personalised flowery love...!

Imagine your own personal florist and interior stylist designing everlasting flowers and botanica just for you and your home...? A gift of gorgeous everlasting botanics with designer advice thrown in?  This gift is exactly that! This exclusive experience gifts a one-on-one video consultation direct to you, or your friend or loved one's home. Using video call and chatting to the lucky recipient from their home space, Cassandra will design a bespoke everlasting floral piece exclusively for a particular space or vase or alternatively advise your purchase of everlasting botanics and accessories to your chosen value. 

How your gift experience works.

  1. Choose your gift value from the list below.  Apologies for the tiny text - it's a purchase add on - but essentially says exactly what I explain above...

  2. Choose whether you receive an email gift receipt or a gift card presented in a gift box to be posted out to your recipient ( with a small extra charge and please note last Royal Mail Christmas postal date of 21st December).

  3. Your recipient (or you if you've decided to treat and invest in yourself! ) receives the certificate and feels warm and loved and gooey they have been gifted something so unique and special!

  4. They are directed back over to this page and book in a time for their consult on our special booking calendar and let me know their preferred video contact method (WhatsApp, FaceTime etc)

  5. I video call on the allotted day.  We have a lovely designer chat about what works in the space or vase they want filled from my shop straight to their home.

  6. I design something unique and special and send it out.  

Have you received a gift certificate? 
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