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I'm Cassandra and I'm a florist and a stylist. I'm also the owner of IMMORTAL BOTANICA  - a uniquely different new brand of fearless and beautiful designs using florals that never die. Designed by me for your home or business space.

 Initially working as a Photographer, I moved from Editorial, Fashion & Set Photography to a successful career in Film & Television Production.  I have lived in Hollywood working in production alongside film director David Lynch, taught film in Cuba, produced Kids TV and finally worked in Casting where I worked on film and televisions shows such as Peep Show, The IT Crowd, The Thick of It, The Inbetweeners - before eventually setting up on my own and casting all first 5 series of the  Bafta award winning  comedy series Horrible Histories for the BBC amongst other films, commercials and television.

Meanwhile, I grew up and lived in some wonderful spaces, with some wonderful creative friends.  We celebrated interior spaces together and how we chose to live in them as part of how we expressed ourselves.  From the more Bohemian home style of my Artist mother and Music Manager father, to the extreme interiors of  the sets I actually occasionally even slept on  ( It doesn't get much more surreal than waking up on a David Lynch set bedroom!). I spent hours working out colour schemes for my bedroom - and my friends, from the age of 8 - right up to the colour washes I would mix myself and paint my first West London flat share with.  Today I live in a lovely quirky cottage in South West London with my own beautiful family; my 10 year old daughter, Ottilie; our crazy Burmese 'cog' (more half cat half dog than cat ) Cosmo -  and office slave by day, Punk Rock bass player by night, husband Albert.  

Most people thought I was mad when I took stock after having my daughter and decided to have a break from Casting.  But it wasn't just a logistical thing  - I ached to work with the visual again, and combine and share all the skills I had built up from the very onset of my career.  


In 2015 I took a course in floristry, where my inspirational teacher convinced me I had something and urged me to share it.  People have always asked me to help them styling their homes and spaces and of course florals and botanics play a huge part. I realised too, that there wasn't anyone offering beautiful everlasting florals in a style I would ever consider having in my own space.  Fearlessly stylish florals that set off your home or your business brand and that would last more than a couple of weeks...  In the last couple of years I've been lucky enough to work on many wonderful events, homes, weddings, installations and shoots and been published by some of my favourite publications.  I've had a ball making people feel special with what I am able to share...honestly it is quite simply the best thing ever seeing a client over the moon with whatever it is I have visually created for them.

  My lovely team and I are able to offer you a truly unique and extraordinary design experience that is a culmination of everything I have loved and everything ( photography, lighting, film production, sets and interiors and of course florals ) I have practiced.

Passionately fulfilling my design dreams by helping you fulfil your own.

Dare to be extraordinary - jump on and get ready for the ride...

Cassandra x

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