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Wedding florals for extraordinary style-led  brides looking for impact.  We work woth the finset quality, hand picked luxury stems and our years of working with faux, preserved and dried florals means we can offer you out there - with our special twist in unique design. Wedding flowers can be a little daunting and my team and I are here to help you create your dreams for your day.   Your bouquet is absolutely integral to your look and as such I believe it should always be designed with your dress and of course you as an individual in mind.  Florals transform any interior.  They often ARE the design... Of course I love nothing more than creating and designing incredible show stopping installations, but I also understand that sometimes simplicity is key.  It's all about understanding you as a couple and complementing the venue and vibe you have chosen.


Whether you are getting married in a Chateau in France with hundreds of bridesmaids, an amazing boutique 5 star hotel - or barefoot on the beach - your florals will always be an important part of how your day is styled. And what if, you get to keep those florals to take into your home forever after - and not just as a photo keepsake?  Dried, preserved and faux florals are also a much more sustainable and planet friendly choice.  When I worked initially with fresh flowers, I was staggered by the waste and flowers that I found in the bin when I went back to the venue the next day, and it was actually one of the catlaysts for starting Immortal Botanica. Everlasting florals are also perfect for destination weddings and can be delivered to you or personally brought to you in my flower suitcases and styled for you anywhere you fancy in the world.  Something more than just the special memories that you will also get to keep forever....

“Your flowers made the day!!  I actually held on to so many of the arrangements! 😘  Thanks for making it so special for us!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ - Cleo Tighe and James Newman.  Music Producers and Singer Songwriters.

Cleo Tighe and James Newman.  Music Producers and Singer Songwriters

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