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  • Arranging your faux florals when they arrive.
    Your faux florals generally have a wired stem running up the stem… So you can bend them, shape them, any way you want them! If you have purchased one of our hand designed bouquets you may need to pull out the stems when they arrive and have a little arty play to get them looking as wow as possible (if you haven’t bought one of our suggested vases). Don’t be scared! This is the beauty of artificial flowers. You won’t kill them and faffing with flowers can be a lot of fun! Our bouquets will arrive with the stems cut to size. If they are too tall for your intended vase, we strongly recommend bending the stems rather than cutting them. This means you can reuse and restyle your florals faux ever and ever into an ever changing array of vases, bottles or containers. If you do wish to cut the stems a pair of wire cutters or sharp scissors is all you require. Sometimes we will have bent some of the wires in tall flowers to ensure you are not wasting your pounds on packaging rather than product. Simply unbend! We love using opaque or non transparent vases as believe this generally emphasises the flowers form. But sometimes this isn’t the case - If you do wish to use a see through vase, water can be added to non paper covered stems for up to a couple of days to really fool your guests into believing there are real.
  • Cleaning and caring for your faux florals.
    Like anything with colour, extreme direct sunlight will eventually start to fade your florals. If you are planning on using your flowers outside, they will fade after some months and will not last for ever. If you particularly require flowers for long term outdoor conditions, please lookout for our UV treated varieties. Cleaning your flowers from dust is simple and can be done in a variety of ways. Popping a stocking on the end of your hoover nozzle, using a hairdryer on a cool heat level, or simply using an old fashioned feather duster all work well. Another very effective way is to hold the bunch of flowers in your hand and immerse it upside down into a large bag containing sea salt or dishwasher salt. Simply shake the bag containing the heads only and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Some of our faux botanics - like the majority of our green plants - can simply be washed with water - or even in the shower! Please always test a small area of your flower or plant before you do this for colour fastness. Obviously this method will not work for paper covered stems. In the unusual event a petal or stem comes off your plant, it can generally just be fitted back on simply. Occasionally a dab of glue may be required. Hot glue works brilliantly!
  • Dried and preserved Flowers and Grasses.
    Do NOT place your dried or preserved stems into water. Dried and preserved florals also do not like overly humid conditions and are best kept of direct sunlight as they will fade over time. To keep dust free, use a hairdryer on a cool setting. They are biodegradable and not Immortal as such - but by following these incredibly easy care steps, they will easily last a year at the very minimum.
  • Sustainability
    Finally, We ask you don’t throw your flowers away into the rubbish if you are having a revamp nor restyle. Obviously we cannot ever imagine you will tire of our designs, but we believe in working towards a more sustainable future. The brilliance of artificial is they can always be reused. Our designs can be reconfigured in many many ways. Part of my mission here at Immortal Botanica is showing you how. Failing that, resell, donate to charity, re-take to a local care home or hospice - or check out some of our design ideas we will offer on our blog and youtube channel and gift them on. We also offer a ‘flower hospital’ service in the event you need help cleaning them or restyling them in another way. Please get in touch for more information.
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