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 Fearlessly Stylish Everlasting Floral Designs

Introducing a uniquely different new brand of florals that never die 

Introducing the wonderful world of everlasting botanics.  Immortal Botanica was really conceived several years ago when as a floral artist, I realised the brilliance of everlasting florals working on film and photography sets and became increasingly frustrated that artificial and dried flowers were synonymous with bad taste and yucky decor when they just didn't need to be.  I've been championing artificial and dried flowers for 5 years now.  I've spent a lot of time sourcing the very best from an ever growing multitude of brands for my event and private clients as the many benefits of artificial flowers has become more generally embraced ( a company making a great hydrangea doesn't always make a great rose...) and I'm really excited to now be sharing all my knowledge and design on a wider scale - with you! 

Of course, whilst it is all about offering the most mind-blowingly realistic florals and greenery there is out there, I know that you also love design, interiors, fashion... I wanted to create a design led collection for home, retail and corporate spaces that speak of your unique style.  That means a little bit of quirky...always luxe...but not always necessarily 'real'. 


Launching this under Covid 19 has meant this is just the start...

I hope you will climb on board and share my new adventure alongside me.  I can't wait to be a part of your beautiful home or business space, so do keep watching my space!  There is so much to come...

Cassandra x

Faux hand painted rose







let me shop the whole damn lot!

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