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Here for your pleasure are a selection of our favourite and most versatile stems and foliage. A combination of incredibly lifelike ‘real’ looking faux flowers & greenery (that we have spent a lot of years, hours, days, minutes obsessively finding!) but also some less traditional floral ingredients for when you want to be fearless with colour, shape, form and create something….unexpected! And not necessary true to life. You’ll also find gorgeous dried and preserved options.

All these options can be simply stunning as a bunch of the same flower or as a single stem all by itself. Or, of course, you can use them to create your own floral masterpieces! Maybe you’ve tired of an old arrangement and need some new blooms or greenery to create something new with the deconstructed pieces. Because they last (almost) forever, you can rearrange and rearrange until your heart is content! Beautiful AND a true friend to the planet.

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